Chicago winters can make you go a little crazy. But you won’t have to give your goddamn soul for a drink here.

Welcome to Room 237 – a massive pop-up experience and lounge, where you check-in as a guest to the Overlook Hotel.

After a busy day of all work and no play, enjoy some of our amenities, like a complimentary Jack. Take a tour of our rooms and perhaps run into a few of our longtime celebrity guests. It’s a great party, isn’t it? And it’s not gonna hurt you to say “hi” to our Caretaker on your stroll through our giant hedge maze.

End your night at The Gold Room and enjoy a themed cocktail from the best goddamn bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. (Or Portland Oregon, for that matter). Get lost in our chartreuse-soaked “Hedge Maze,” ponder the moon landing conspiracy with “Apollo 11,” or take a stab at the murderously delicious “Redrum”.

For small parties or group requests, please contact our Events team at

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Check out their new “Caretaker” mask, also available bundled with your ticket purchase!